Kaj je novega na oddelku Telekomunikacij?

Kaj je novega na oddelku Telekomunikacij?

17. avgust 2017

FMC Alarm Combining Platform (powered by Emizon)

FMC Alarm Combinig Platform operates and manages its own server platforms which both receives alarm signals and sends on to integrated ARC’s (Alarm Receiving Centre). The managed server platform service – which is particular to Emizon – provides additional services unique to Emizon on behalf of its installer, ARC and end customer base. This ability to manage the end-to-end message delivery process means increased reliability, resilience and accountability all adding up to a secure service that you know you can trust.

  • Management Control.
  • On-Line Maintenance Reporting.
  • Simple Deployment.
  • Cost Effectiveness.
  • Future Proof Service Continuity.

alarm combinig platform.png

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Leading Platform for Enterprise Mobility - VMware AirWatch

AirWatch is widely recognized as the leading platform for enterprise mobility. Enterprise mobility platform keeps your users productive and simplifies management and security for IT. Gain visibility into all smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged, peripheral and IoT endpoints across Android, iOS, macOS, QNX, Tizen, Windows CE and Windows 10 platforms.

  • Support every endpoint and every user from a single management console.
  • Explore our solutions for mobility management.
  • Keep employees connected and able to work anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Security at every layer for complete protection of your corporate data.



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AIR Wireless Network Solutions

AIR is an innovative wireless access technology allowing operators to quickly roll-out Triple Play and ultra broadband services with a payback times of below three years. AIR is a wireless access network enabling to deliver digital TV, ultra broadband Internet and voice using a combination of standard (DVB, DOCSIS, LTE/5G) and proprietary equipment.

It can operate in the frequency range between 2 GHz to 31 GHz in a line-of-sight setting. Each cell can cover an area with a radius of up to 50 kilometres, i.e. an area of over 7850 square kilometres at an ideal topography.


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Video Security and Information Solutions (powered by Teleste)

We offer a flexible solution for implementing video and information management for different segments and customer needs. Our solutions support seamless integration of various sub-systems under a single umbrella and ensure safety of operations and people in versatile environments.

Video Security | End-to-end Rail Solutions |Optical Real Time Video Transmission |Video Content Analytics | Command & Capture |Wireless and Telecommunication | On-board Solutions | Station Solutions | High Density Video Recording Platform


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Optical Cable Solutions

FMC delivers solutions for building optical and coaxial networks. Our solutions ensure compatibility with developing networks of the future. We collaborate with selected external partners, such as: Teleste, Corning, PPC, ZTT, etc.



Corning® ClearCurve® Invisible Drop Cable An innovative micro drop cable solution that allows service providers to bring FTTH service to existing living units/offices in a faster, more economic and easier fashion. Read more corning drop cable invisible.jpg