Novosti v skupini FMC Group - Oddelek za telekomunikacije

Novosti v skupini FMC Group - Oddelek za telekomunikacije

06. november 2015

  1. FMC Group became CORNING Regional partner since Corning acquired SAMSUNG FIBER OPTICS Business beginning of this year. Within this move FMC Group is extending it's portfolio on complete segment End-to-End fiber and wireless solutions for communications networks (Cabinets, Closures, Connectors and Adapters, Outdoor Preterminated Systems, Housings...).
  2. With TELESTE we extended existing portfolio of Broadband network products (amplifiers, nodes, ...) also on segment of Video security and information (Teleste IP video headends, transmission, recording, information solutions, traffic control, alarm & crisis management.)
  3. In Electrical Transmission sector with ZTT CABLE extended portfolio of Extra-high Voltage Fiber optic Cables, OPGW & ODF (ZTT Cable)
  4. In Slovenia we continue building FTTH OPEN ACCESS BROADBAND NETWORKS in areas where there is no commercial interest.
  5. In segment of SMART GRID projects we finished design of solution for reconstruction of former SDH, PDH, FMX telecommunication parts of power distribution and power transmission grids (to IP) enabling Smart Grids and IoT (Internet of Things) initiatives.
  6. In Slovenia Railway project of GSMR is coming to the end and it is one of reference type projects in Adriatic region on Railway segment which could be used for transfer of know how to any other markets in region
  7. After completing Eco-Datacenter (2 year research) project using Fuel Cells we continue R&D projects on segment of FUEL CELL Backup UPS Applications. Our long term strategy in TELECOM BACKUP POWER is to meet the power needs of customers through delivery of high value, clean energy products that reduce customer costs and risks.


  • Telecommunication Networks (wireless, broadband, fiber networks).
  • Secured Communication Networks (police, emergency response, military).
  • Critical Data Communication Networks (railways GSMR, mining).
  • Hub, Transmission or Repeater Sites.

We attached also latest Overview of Broadband Solutions and portfolio of End-to-End fiber, Broadband and Wireless solutions for communications networks.