High Assurance IP Network Encryptors

High Assurance IP Network Encryptors

Encryptors for Critical National Infrastructure and the Enterprise

A Tripwire survey of Black Hat USA 2015 attendees, where leading information security researchers take the stage to share their latest work, revealed that 64% of respondents believe their organisations are potential targets for nation-state cyberattacks. There are numerous published examples of breaches that are related to using general purpose routing and operating systems as the point of delivering IP network privacy. Having some of the widest attack surfaces, these solutions often end up relying upon the point of vulnerability to provide the security solution, and this evidently does not always end well.

The Xiphra range of application specific, dedicated IPSec VPN gateways is unique in providing hardware accelerated performance along with fully centralised policy and key management. Delivers the only solution in its class for modular and scalable data in motion privacy and boundary protection, specifically designed for both self-managed deployments and the largest scale managed security service providers.


  • Site-to-site and integrated
  • Remote access vpns
  • Managed security service provision
  • End to end communications privacy
  • Data separation

 Key benefits

  • Wide range of next generation hardware based IP encryptors fits your needs today, and scales to meet the evolution of security policy and performance requirements for tomorrow. Includes both site-to-site and personal remote access encryptors.
  • Suite B cryptographic algorithms implemented in the Xiphra range have been deployed to protect sensitive data at the highest level.
  • Xiphra Management System (XMS) provides the ultimate in cryptographic key management security. XMS delivers fully centralised GUI based crypto estate management with centrally administered policy management, near real time VPN topology management and troubleshooting functions.