Service Projects

  • Microsoft Infrastructure Projects

Entrust our certified and experienced specialists with the planning and implementation of projects involving Microsoft’s infrastructure solutions, such as Windows Server and AD systems, the Exchange email system, virtualisation of server resources with Hyper-V, deployment of a private or a hybrid cloud, MS SQL databases, Office 365 and Azure and the management and monitoring of server resources and clients using Microsoft System Center tools. We also offer migration from other systems to Microsoft’s environment.

  • Active Directory (AD) Optimisation

Performing a security audit of your active directory detects potential intrusion threats and verifies the compliance of the active directory’s configuration with good practices and the recommendations of Microsoft’s White Paper. The final result of the security audit is a report on the discovered vulnerabilities, associated threats and consequences of abuse, which includes recommendations on how to remedy the shortcomings.

  • Planning of Disaster Recovery (DR) Scenarios

Ensure uninterrupted operation of your IT and rapid recovery in the event of a disaster. FMC NoPanic is a service for people looking for a safe and reliable information environment for business-critical applications. Our data centre (, featuring maximum energy and physical security, ISO 27001 management and NATO certification, delivers various DR scenarios for your physical and virtual IT environments without any start-up costs.

  • Projects on Other Platforms

We can offer a number of projects for implementing open-source solutions based on Linux operating systems. These are particularly interesting for those looking to avoid high software licensing costs. Our portfolio also includes services for the Novell and Lotus Notes environments. We design plans for cross-platform or cross-solution migrations (e.g. migration from the Lotus Notes system to Exchange) and then carry them out and provide maintenance. In the case of a major migration, we use specialist tools that facilitate the process.