AIR is a unique integrated wireless Triple play point to multipoint system solution on the telecommunication market, providing microwave radio access to all the residential and business users in a radius of 30 and more km from every base station.

An operator (CATV, ISP, incumbent, others) is able to provide all the services that users are looking for today – digital TV broadcast (more than 200 digital TV programs in DVD or HD quality at the same time). AIR system, an operator is able to provide the most advanced triple play services to his customer base, by having low customer acquisition cost, Fast Deployment and Immediate start of Revenues resulting in Return on Investment typically in 18 to 30 month.

The AIR system requires substantially less investments than competing technologies. To roll-out an AIR network costs only few hundred Euro per subscriber, substantially less what is needed for competing technologies. AIR clients can count on a portfolio of supporting services all the way to turn-key solutions.

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