Alarm Combining Platform

Alarm Combining Platform

Protecting your assets, Securing your future.

FMC Alarm Combinig Platform (powered by Emizon) provides additional services unique to Emizon on behalf of its installer, ARC and end customer base. This ability to manage the end-to-end message delivery process means increased reliability, resilience and accountability all adding up to a secure service that you know you can trust.

Management Control

  • Proactive fault management.
  • Remote diagnostics and audit trails.
  • Access to a Service Platform designed and managed by industry experts supported by a free 24hr helpdesk.

On-Line Maintenance Reporting

  • Remote diagnostics for installers.
  • Service Management.
  • Monitoring on IP, GPRS and PSTN includes billing, all connection and usage charges thereby avoiding unexpected call charges.

Simple Deployment

  • One-stop ordering and one-touch commissioning process.
  • Integration into the ARC management software.

Cost Effectiveness

  • An easy to deploy, Grade 4, 3 and 2 EN standards compliant signalling service at a highly competitive rate.

Future Proof Service Continuity

  • Designed specifically for IP networks, compatible with Next Generation Networks, fibre and 21CN deployment.

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