We specialise in activities aimed at building (and maintaining) modern telecommunications infrastructures, in particular in areas where there is not enough commercial interest in building this type of infrastructure. From 2008 to 2012, we were the main contractor in the building of the open access broadband network spanning the municipalities of Komen, Sežana, Hrpelje–Kozina and Ilirska Bistrica. After the works were successfully completed, we took over management of the newly-built network.

We deliver equipment and software for building optical and coaxial networks. Our solutions ensure compatibility with developing networks of the future. Our range includes every product and tool required to connect users to a network and to maintain their level of satisfaction. We collaborate with select external partners, such as: Teleste, Corning, PPC, ZTT, etc.

In providing our services, we place a great deal of attention on quality before, during and after delivery of telecommunications equipment. Our consultancy and network design services include: specifying a sustainable business model; advice on the introduction of local policies, regulatory measures and international technical compliance; design of a cost-effective telecommunications network; advice on choosing equipment for optical and coaxial networks, accessories and their delivery; recommendations for connectivity, the laying of fibre-optic cables, the identification of potentially problematic installation points and the need for testing; design, building and care for the operation of networks.

We offer a flexible tool for establishing video surveillance systems and managing information solutions for various segments and customer needs. Our solutions allow for the seamless integration of different subsystems into a single entity and ensure business and personal security in various environments.

WHY choose us?

  • Over five years of practical experience in building FTTH broadband networks.
  • Supply of equipment for optical and coaxial networks.
  • Professionally qualified and experienced personnel.
  • Personal approach and tailored solutions.

Our references:

  • Building a broadband network in the South Primorska region.
  • Collaborating on projects in the Central and Eastern Europe (Adriatic) regions.
  • Supply of quality fibre-optic cables to telecoms in the Adriatic region.
  • Collaboration with Slovenian Railways (the National GSMR Project – supply of over 1000km of cables).

WHY choose our telecommunications equipment?

  • High-quality craftsmanship and materials.
  • International certificates of quality.
  • Over 160 years of market presence.
  • Established brands with tradition.
  • High-level support services.
  • Local support.
  • Reasonable price.