ICT Infrastructure

ICT Infrastructure
  • Software-Defined Infrastructure

Convergent solutions, virtualisation of all elements of the information infrastructure, the use of standardised hardware and automation of processes form the basis for high flexibility and efficiency. In providing solutions, we rely on our own know-how – the numerous successfully completed projects at our customers' locations and the projects relating to cloud services implemented using our own data centre (Complete-datacenter.si). We use the best solutions of Dell, Microsoft and others for optimum infrastructure agility tailored to your current business needs.

  • Microsoft Solutions

Place your trust in our certified and experienced specialists when planning and implementing projects dealing with Microsoft infrastructure solutions, such as: Windows Server and AD systems, the Exchange email system, virtualisation of server resources with Hyper-V, deployment of a private or a hybrid cloud, MS SQL databases, Office 365 and Azure, management and monitoring of server resources and clients using Microsoft System Center tools. We also offer migration from other systems to Microsoft's environment.

  • Open-Source Solutions

We can deliver a number of Linux-based solutions that offer numerous advantages for your business environment, in particular if you are looking to avoid high software licensing costs. With an individualised approach, we will provide a customised solution that best fits your company.

  • Disk Subsystems

Disk subsystems from the solution portfolios of Dell and EMC ensure maximum utilisation of hardware during data processing and storage with an emphasis on performance, efficiency and low energy consumption. Their easy integration into the user's existing information environment and simple management make them the ideal solution for today's business environments because they can be tailored to any need that may arise in the modern IT arena. Some of their characteristics include high availability of operation (99.999%) and low cost of ownership.

  • Backup and Data Recovery

We provide backup and data recovery for business-critical information services. Our solutions are automated, reliable and ensure cost-effective data protection. In addition to software, we also offer disk subsystem solutions (for backup and data recovery) using in-line data deduplication, which significantly reduces the storage capacity needed for backups.

  • Networking and Security

Modern networking solutions allow for implementing efficient infrastructures through virtual switches that are optimised for specific needs at the distribution switch level and at the level of backbone switches. Efficient network security that prevents unauthorised interventions in the functioning of the network and ensures data security requires the integration and interaction of key security elements. Next-generation firewalls (NGFW) are designed to enable centralised supervision and management of various security segments (IPS, FW, Antivirus, Anti-spam, Web-Filtering, Content Management) while helping companies achieve compliance with the strictest security standards.

AirWatch is widely recognized as the leading platform for enterprise mobility. Our customers trust in our products to advance their mobility strategies and transform their businesses.

  • Support every endpoint and every user from a single management console.
  • Explore our solutions for mobility management.
  • Keep employees connected and able to work anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Security at every layer for complete protection of your corporate data.
  • Supervision and Management of ICT Infrastructure

Appropriate supervision and management of ICT infrastructure allows for timely response in the case of an emergency related to the functioning of an information system (servers, disk arrays, networks, workstations). We offer solutions for the supervision and management of network infrastructure, system and application infrastructure and client management. These solutions are designed and rolled out using our partners' technologies – Microsoft, Dell and VMware. We also provide our own solutions for systems monitoring that are based on open source.

  • Desktop and Application Virtualisation

Desktops and applications can now be provided in a more secure, reliable and affordable way, directly from the data centre. Physical clients (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) are used as terminals for access to the desktop and applications. This reduces the risk of losing business data and makes device management simpler and more flexible. With desktop virtualisation, the operating system can be separated from the hardware, enabling the user to have the same desktop regardless of the device they are using or their current location.

  • Managed IT Services

Modern IT trends no longer place technology at the forefront but rather end-user services. This requires delivering an adequate level of service that is standardised, integrated and automated. Our solutions enable you to support the management of activities, changes, events, problems and requests. At the same time, we offer the design and implementation of the Microsoft Service Manager or the RcG Assist solution, which we provide as a cloud service.

  • Managed Print Services

Managed print services is a solution that enables central management and optimum utilisation of all printing devices. Using this service, you can lower your printing costs, increase efficiency and the productivity of employees and ensure information security. The service is based on the renowned Xerox methodology (Managed Print Services – MPS), which was ranked among the world's top managed print services by leading analytics companies. We are a certified partner in the field of managed print services.

  • Data Encryption

We deliver solutions for the protection of classified information in communication and information systems. We have expanded our cryptography range of products for the protection of classified information and sensitive data to include TEMPEST equipment, construction of TEMPEST rooms and equipment for destroying classified information and sensitive data. Encryption solutions are provided by Miška d.o.o.

  • Redundant ECO Power Supply

New technologies enable the generation of electricity from ecologically-acceptable alternative and renewable natural resources. Our development project is aimed at ecologically powering a data centre using fuel cells. Ecologically and technologically the most advanced project of its kind, the project ensures a reliable and constant supply of electricity from various natural resources.

  • Sale of Hardware and Software

We offer hardware and software of various global manufacturers, such as: Dell, Microsoft, EMC, VMware, HP, Xerox, Veritas, Veeam, Lenovo, Systematic, Sophos and many others.