Why choose FMC?

  • Comprehensive Range of Information and Communication Infrastructures.

We provide a single entry point and ease of cooperation across the entire portfolio of FMC and the partner companies within the FMC Group – from project preparation, consultancy, delivery and introduction of technologies and equipment, maintenance and servicing to cloud services and education.

  • Consultancy, Planning, Introduction, Maintenance and Education.
  • 24/7 System Maintenance and Customer Support Throughout Slovenia.

We provide 24-hour support and the maintenance of systems, hardware and software throughout Slovenia (in collaboration with PRO Servis d.o.o., a member of the FMC Group) as well as cloud services.

  • Focus on Solutions for Complex Business Environments.
  • Professionally Qualified and Certified Personnel.

Our premises, company and employees are appropriately certified in the individual fields where we provide services, introduce solutions and manage classified information. We have a dynamic team of specialists for a wide variety of areas who are mutually complementary and coordinate with each other.

  • Collaboration with Key Global Manufacturers.
  • Independence and Partnership Model with Technology Manufacturers.

We build premier solutions for our customers and are not tied to a single technology manufacturer. When handling a complex project, we seek out additional partners, both locally and internationally. We believe in trust and partnership.

  • Business Quality and Security.

We are committed to a policy of quality and information security, as confirmed by the methodologies of service performance, the ISO 9001 quality standard and a number of successfully delivered projects and services introduced thanks to our data centre. We know the importance of protecting personal and business information, as demonstrated by the ISO/ICE 27000 certificate.

Designed in line with the highest standards of quality, information security and availability to provide cloud services.